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06:02 PM . 06 December 2011

Q: What would you do if a peeping tom peeped on one of your sisters?

A: Something I doubt I’d regret.

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01:04 AM . 02 December 2011

CAN I ASK TWO QUESTIONS I’m going to ask two just in case sob. If you could study any other religion, what would it be? And also, if you could do missionary work in any country, where would you go?

Where do you want to go for your mission?

A: I’ve already gone on some trips to Uganda with my dad, and I’m not sure yet if I want to go on a mission trip on my own. If I did, though, I’d go back there, or anywhere else I was needed! Also, if I could study any other religion, I think I would pick Buddhism, I like what they believe in.

[Many thanks to celestica for the help on this one!]

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01:00 AM . 02 December 2011

Q: What kind of girls do you like?

A: Girls that work hard and believe in their values! I admire passion and dedication in pretty much everyone.

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09:09 PM . 20 November 2011

Q: What’s your favorite Mormon holiday?

A: My favorite specifically Mormon Holiday is Pioneer Day! We celebrate the arrival of our first Pioneers in 1847 - my family usually makes costumes and puts on a play. It’s always a ton of fun!

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08:53 PM . 20 November 2011

Q: Do you ever wish you had fewer siblings?

A: No, not ever.

Peace and quiet can be hard to come by, but I can’t imagine my family any other way. My parents give us all tons of love and attention, and taught us to take care of each other, and that’s exactly what we do.

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08:36 PM . 20 November 2011

Q: Ok if there was a guy with a gun to your family’s heads, and he said you had to have an orgy with people of your choice or they’d shoot, who would you pick to be in that orgy?

A: What a - weird - question - um. Friends I could trust, I guess, who would understand what was going on - uh - Stan? Token…? How many people do you need for an orgy…I’m taking this too seriously, aren’t I.

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05:44 AM . 16 November 2011

All right everyone, we’re live and ready! I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can, so have at it!